What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is one of the most natural ancient healing methods for bringing the body back into balance. After 12 years of working on the feet I am still amazed at how quickly the body responds to this form of self healing. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system the mind is quieted, the breath deepens and stress can be released from the entire system. My clients use the time during a Reflexology session to relax, release tension from the day and to re-connect with themselves. We are living in an age of faster and louder and our senses are overstimulated. Our eyes are tired from looking at computers, are hands are stiff from being on smartphones and computers and we long to feel grass under our feet.

Our ancestors walked the earth barefoot and received the energy of the earth. Our feet are bound in shoes and walking on pavements that cause all sorts of imbalances within the foot and body. Working on your feet for just a few minutes a day can help alleviate stress and help you to connect with your foundation. 

A one-hour Reflexology session can help you to come back into your body, feel connected to your essence and renew your spirit. For those that have been bed-ridden in a hospital or at home it is one of the most wonderful ways you can help their circulation. 

Just like the mind and body your feet need to be flexible! Your feet are a reflection of what is going on above them. What are your feet telling you?