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"James Corbett created H2H to provide free holistic healing treatments to cancer patients. I am honored to be a part of the H2H spa days that allow cancer patients from the Hope Lodge and their caregivers to experience a day of beauty. James is all heart and is helping to change lives for the better one person at a time."

Hair 2 Help is a nonprofit organization seeking tax-deductible donations to provide free holistic healing, wellness and beauty services to cancer patients. 

Kima Physiotherapy and Wellness Center

"I am so grateful to have my office here and to be collaborating with owners Tracey Vincel and Patricia Ladis. If you are looking for extraordinary physical therapists I highly recommend booking a session with anyone on the Kima staff."

At KIMA, we guide our patients toward a pain free existence as they seek a lifestyle of optimal health and physical wellbeing. We believe in the intimate connection of mind and body and a holistic and collaborative approach to symptoms, health, and prevention.

Naam Yoga NEW YORK

"I am honored to be teaching at this love infused and cozy new home to Naam Yoga. Many great teachers will welcome you here. Great for beginner's and all seeking an oasis in the big apple. Community minded and welcoming to all!"

Naam Yoga New York is a yoga, meditation, and healing center. This spacious 600 square foot venue offers a studio, a private healing room, yoga classes, therapeutic treatments & after school programs. See also Naam Yoga (Santa Monica).

Reflections Center for Conscious Living

"Owner Paula Tursi is simply one of the most gifted and caring teachers I have ever met. The focus of her classes is on organic movement and deeply listening."

Reflections is community hub were yoga is more than asana and self-exploration is key. An urban oasis nestled among giant financial institutions, Times Square, Broadway theatres and luxury high-rises in midtown Manhattan, Reflections encourages lifelong practitioners and basic beginners to hurtle fear, to transcend the tensions of city life and to immerse fully into the peaceful environment we have created. We believe yoga should be a journey of self-illumination, and we encourage each person to find his or her own path.


"Great website... find all of the great music you hear in Naam Yoga classes, and what is happening in our communities all around the world."

Rootlight, Inc., founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, is the realization of a vision for worldwide educational outreach. Its purpose is to provide practical and meaningful instruction that guides you onto the path of true happiness and a fulfilling life. The connection between Divine Spiritual Wisdom and the daily choices that shape a life of grace and achievement are taught through a multitude of offerings that touch mind, body and soul. Among these teaching tools are: CDs, books, an instructional DVD, self-study courses, online classes, workshops, trainings, special events as well as the website featuring a library of Mr. Levry’s newsletters, lecture downloads and other instructional selections. Rootlight’s ongoing mission is to serve and support the total well-being of individuals everywhere by revealing sacred truths that have the power to transform through music, mantra, mudra, sacred writings, yoga practice, consultation and lecture.

Wellness Program at NY Medical Associates

"I was honored to be a part of two wellness programs that were the vision of Dr. Dennis Goodman, who has a private practice at New York Medical Associates. He is a firm believer in integrative medicine and in my opinion seems dedicated to empowering the individual for greater health."

New York Medical Associates, PC (NYMA) was established in 1994 when several faculty members of the NYU School of Medicine joined their practices of Medicine and Cardiology together to create a group practice devoted to clinical excellence and patient service. Our physicians are active teaching faculty members of the NYU School of Medicine, have published and contributed to their areas of expertise in peer review journals, and have been recognized for their achievements in both publications and professional societies.